Ansible for DevOps book review

I was given this book, which is an uncommon event for me as I usually buy all books by myself. Moreover, I was given a paper version of the book.

Therefore, there were absolutely no regrets regarding this book =) The book is concise and covers almost all parts of Ansible I’ve ever heard of. The only exception was the case when you need to deal with a server that’s under a jump host/bastion, which is very common for cloud deployments as they usually are done in a VPC network of some kind that not exposed to the outer world.

This book has plenty of handful examples, but the most useful thing in it were not them.  The book covers some of the most undervalued parts of the Ansible ecosystem: Ansible Galaxy, Tower and it also has a decent set of invaluable pattern and best practices for writing your playbooks.

My score: 5/5, I’m not sure if you need to read anything more than this book if you plan to use Ansible professionally.